Designer Uni - Gutsy

Designer Uni - Gutsy

The Gutsy Uni uses a computer generated image of internal systemic anatomy that is dye printed into wicking, high stretch fabric.   We cannot guarantee antomical accuracy in these representations, but there is a high probability of wow-factor.

This design can be used for racing, training, educating, offending, and possibly freaking people out.  You wear it at your own discretion and we are always interested in hearing about people's reactions!

Women's suits have elastic in neck and arm openings. Men's unisuits have elastic in neck opening only.  There are two choices for the cut of the back straps.  Typically, we use the wider back for men, but this isn't always the case.

Standard Inseam lengths are:

XS 4" 10 cm
S 4.25" 10.8 cm
M 4.5" 11.5 cm
L 5" 12.75 cm
XL 5.5" 14 cm
XXL 5.5" 14 cm

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