Thunder Sportmask

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The Row West Sportmask is a bandana style face mask.    Simple and effective as a non-medical face covering.

The Sportmask is more comfortable than most fabric facemasks because the long bandana style allows a more relaxed breathing chamber in front of your mouth and nose.     Non-medical face masks server a primary function of protecting other people around you from the aersolized moisture of your exhaled breath.   This face cover is made that function in mind.

The Sportmask is made with a single layer of lightweight poly/spandex blend tightly knit fabric.  It's draping design accomplishes two goals - greater comfort and better catching of exhaled breath.

Function and comfort are always the two goals at Row West, which is why we haven't gone with the flow of making regular facemasks.    Those are difficult to put on and equally difficult to keep on when you feel like someone has a pillow over your face.  

We invite you to embrace relative comfort while exercising around other people or shopping for groceries as you protect your fellow humans while you are, as Mr Trudeau says; "breathing moistly".

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When possible, individual orders may be grouped into a single shipment to Yasmin Diaz or Vince Amodeo.

Summary of benefits to the Stickemup:

- lightweight 
- very easy to fasten (it goes behind the neck, so it has nowhere to fall down and it stays below your hairline).  Either tie it or use an elastic to hold the ends
- much more comfortable than most fabric facemasks
- one size fits most people.  
- quick dry fabric that is machine washable (no special washing instructions)