Guelph Gryphons Sportmask

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The Row West Sportmask Novamba is a multi-fabric facemask designed for comfort and athletic movement.

Why is this mask better than most washable masks?
1. It’s comfortable and it's an adjustable fit. It doesn’t irritate your ears.
2. It’s easy to wear properly. A thick mask is useless if you have massive air gaps all around the edges. This mask contours your face smoothly and the sides go all the way back to your neck.
3. It has a large breathing chamber so there’s low tension between your exhaled air pressure and the layers of fabric, reducing blow-through.
4. No special washing required - machine wash, dry hot in a dryer.

A speculative benefit of synthetic fabric in the mask is that it is probable that it also has electrostatic filtering (untested) to add to the mechanical filtering of fibers.

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Summary of benefits to the Sportmask:

- lightweight 
- very easy to fasten (it goes behind the neck, so it has nowhere to fall down and it stays below your hairline).  Either tie it or use an elastic to hold the ends
- much more comfortable than most fabric facemasks
- one size fits most people.  
- quick dry fabric that is machine washable (no special washing instructions)

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