Collection: Padded Shorts and Leggings

Changes in 2022 - to facilitate quicker delivery of orders and after assessing the most popular features, some changes have been made to the options for padded shorts and capris.   The standard shorts and capris now have a double layer rather than just the single layer of padding.    If you want more padding than this, the choice is adding an additional 2 layers for a total of 4.   Capris and shorts with side padding will have padding on both sides.    

All web orders for Capris and shorts will have the leg logo in silver, but if you wish to place a team order via email, the logo colour can be customized.

  Dragon boat padded shorts and leggings are made from durable, quick drying Chito-X fabric.   The internal padding which covers from the bum down the back of the leg is made from a 12oz Yukon fleece.   This lightweight layer takes the edge off of the seating and allows you to walk around without feeling like you've got a turtle strapped to your behind.  Comfort and function.  Although the majority of the shorts we make are black, there are other colours you can choose from.    

These bottoms are tight fitting so please take a look at the sizing guide.  We know paddlers come in all shapes and sizes, so if you don't see a profile that works for you, just email and ask for some help.