Padded Shorts and Leggings

Dragon boat padded shorts and leggings are made from durable, quick drying Chito-X fabric.   The internal padding which covers from the bum down the back of the leg is made from a 12oz Yukon fleece.   This lightweight layer takes the edge off of the seating and allows you to walk around without feeling like you've got a turtle strapped to your behind.  Comfort and function.   Choose your colour of shorts as well as the colour of the RW Dragon logo - made specifically for Dragon Boaters.

These bottoms are tight fitting so please take a look at the sizing guide.  We know paddlers come in all shapes and sizes, so if you don't see a profile that works for you, just email and ask for some help. 
Padded Shorts - Basic
Regular price $40.00
Padded Shorts - Extra Padding
Regular price $45.00
Padded Capris - Basic
Regular price $50.00
Padded Capris - Extra Padding
Regular price $58.00