Why choose Row West for your Quadball uniform?   Here's the rundown.
Row West is not your standard uniform factory, pumping out stock designs with small customizations.   Row West is a small business in the backwoods of Canada, run out of a workshop by a guy who grew up on comic books, science, lightsabers, graphic design, small town living, and competitive sports.   A small company can make a big difference.   A company like this one consists of the owner/designer/seamster, one other skilled seamstress and a part time after-school assistant.  This means that when we're working on an order, we're focused and we're really caring about what we're making.   If it's not good, the blame falls on us.

It's not that profit isn't a consideration, but it has to be for a worthy product.   This is a main reason that we're not a bigger company.    The bigger you are, the harder it is to control quality.   I think hard about the fabrics used and what they will be used for.   I watched the intense gameplay at the Quidditch World Cup and I thought long about the best fabric for playing in hot conditions but also standing up to rough play.     I picked fabrics that won't need careful handling in the wash.    I picked the lightest/toughest material I could find as my primary recommendation for Jerseys.   I picked a different material for shorts, because they serve a different function.    For shorts, I picked a fabric with maxium strength but also stretch.

Jerseys are designed to look good on you, whether you're on the field or just going to class.  I can do regular t-shirt style sleeves, athletic raglan sleeves and round or v-neck collars.  I don't like boxy t-shirts, so I made a jersey design with just a subtle taper for an athletic fit.    That being said, because I'm the one sitting at the computer designing the shirts, I can modify the standard sizing for anyone who is shorter, wider, or taller than an average build.

So, why choose a small company?  Because it makes a difference when the designers really enjoy the design work, the sport, and genuinely want you to look amazing in your uniform.  Cheap manufacturing is the way of this planet, but it's not the only way.   Row West jerseys are made with care and they're made in Canada.   We purchase our supplies and materials from Canada and the USA.

Here are the specs on an average Quadball Jersey:

- The primary recommended fabric is a lightweight Microwick material.  It has 2-way stretch and is a good weight for summer play.   In the winter, it's easy to layer a baselayer underneath.    We've done past jerseys in heavier material but the feedback after several years is the the lightweight fabric is the most useful for all playing conditions
- Full customized printing on body and sleeves of shirt
- Each jersey customized with athlete name and and number 
- Currently there are no fees for setup or assistance with your design.   
- The average cost of a Quidditch Jerseys with free regular post shipping are:
- within Western Canada - $56 CDN
- Central and Eastern Canada - $58 CDN
- USA (including Hawaiia and Alaska) - $56 USD 

- Some shirt designs may require extra cost if the design is overly complex (such as requiring graphics that wrap continuously around the body) but I will work with you to find the best combination of design and cost for your team. 
- Payment terms are that all Quidditch Team orders must be paid in full before shipping. 

If you'd like to talk about your team jerseys, just email.    I will get back to you with pricing and computer generated visuals to begin the design process.