Sizing in detail

The Row West sizing methods are based on the distribution of weight over height. This is a rough guide of our chart which we modify for proportional variations. If you fall outside of this range, XS and XXL sizing is available. Other sizing can be custom created by request.
Maxrad sizing assist

This sizing is based on a snug but not restrictive fit and an even distribution of weight over height. If you are proportionally larger or smaller in part of your body, we can accomodate you. Most garments have an option for short, tall or extra tall and unisuits can be size-comboed like S/M (small top on a medium bottom). With your height and weight, we can usually tell if a garment will fit you comfortably or not. The stretch fabrics used in most of the MAXRAD garments have very high stretch ratios. Most average around 50% (eg. 12 inches of fabric can be pulled to a tight 18 inches)

Here is a more detailed listing of measurements for our primary designs: