Deep Cove Rowing Club - Unisuit

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The Deep Cove unisuit is designed to be form fitting.   The men's and women's designs are almost the same but women's have more of a t-back and the men's unisuit has a slightly longer leg.  Unisuits have lining in the bum panels but no lining in the tops.

The top of the DCRC uni is printed by dye sublimation.   This allows for fewer seams and graphics that will never crack or peel because they are dyed into the fabric.

The bottoms of the unisuits are regular navy blue milled fabric.  

You have a choice in the fabric used in the tops of the unis:
Midweight MXRD. 255gsm. 4 way stretch
Lightweight MXRD. 220gsm. 4 way stretch
Featherweight Compression.  140gsm.  4 way stretch