VCRC Starter Pack

Regular price $145.00

This package provides a savings over buying each item individually.    Depending on the options you pick, savings are approximatley $30.

This package includes the essential racing and training clothing for a rower starting off with Victoria City.  If you wish to have a Racing Longsleeve instead of a plain green baselayer, you may choose the upgrade for $18 + tax.

You may also choose to have a Unisuit instead of the Singlet and Shorts.  This change will add $10 to the cost of the package.

If your VCRC clothing has the athlete name printed on it, it can't be returned or exchanged, but in some cases can be altered if necessary.   There are sizing samples of most VCRC uniform items available at the Elk Lake boathouse in the care of the junior Head Coach and athletes are strongly encouraged to try on sizing samples before ordering.

Sizing info is included here but it's always best to try a sample if possible.   The fabrics used are very stretchy so a person could fall within a range of sizing depending on their preference for how tight they like their stretch gear to fit.

Your VCRC clothing will be labelled with whatever version of your name you put in the box on this page.  It is most common to use a first initial and last name (but people also use full first and last names sometimes or just initials).